fusang for Brokers And Family Offices

Broaden your access to digital assets and private markets

Private funds

Private debt

Private shares


Meet client demand and expand your access to digital assets, private markets, and protect your wealth with alternatives. We provide a standardised legal framework so that your clients can customise their investment strategies through greater product access, and enter and exit private investments seamlessly like public markets.

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Equities brokers

FX Brokers

Hedge Funds

Private Marker Brokers

Multi Family Offices

Family Offices

Market Makers


Launch a proprietary marketplace just for your customers



Build your private market

License web/mobile tech

Brokers and Family offices seeking to move to digital can launch their own proprietary marketplace just for your customers for the fraction of the cost. Speed up time to market for new marketplaces with access & liquidity at scale for your clients

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Launch a security token marketplace

Launch a private marketplace

Launch a darkpool

Launch a digital brokerAnd More...

Issuer Services

Digitise investments and access global liquidity

Private funds

Private debt

Private shares

Access global liquidity through the power of digital securities and a robust legal framework. We provide investors with confidence in their legal rights as digital securities token holders. You can sponsor private and public digital securities on our regulated global securities exchange. Standardised and compliant global access in an investor friendly structure and eliminate the pain of endless roadshows.

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Launch a private fund

Raise capital via private shares

Raise capital via private debt

Raise capital via public offering


Sell pre-IPO shares

Fund issuance

Bond issuance



Access digital assets through a network of regulated institutions.

The global network that works for you. We plug you into a global network of regulated intermediaries, where you'll have full access the superhighway for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. All via a regulated securities exchange built to be the foundation that underpins trading, clearing and settlement for digital assets (Securities and Crypto Currencies).

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Blockchain settlement

Custody & banking

Regulatory framework

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Valued Members of Network
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Corporate finance firms

Investment banks

Law firms

Trust & Corporate service providers