Primary Listing of Securities:

Equities, Bonds,
Derivatives and Funds

Secondary Trading:

Security Tokens, Crypto Currencies, and Fiat

Listing of Alternative Asset Classes: Real Estate, Art, Funds

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Asia's first fully-licensed Stock Exchange focused solely on digital assets.

Fully regulated as any traditional Securities Exchange, we are the financial infrastructure that companies have been waiting for to step into the digital era. 


Developing a platform that ensures your assets are safe and secure.


Ensuring that issuers and investors can be held up to the highest standards of compliance and regulation.


Compliance and security often mean red-tape and protocol, but our team are designing the platform to be as user friendly and convenient as possible.


What's the difference between Fusang Exchange and other digital exchanges in the market right now?

Most digital exchanges currently have broker-dealer or Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) licences. This only allows them to trade in securities that have already been listed elsewhere. Fusang Corp (FSC) holds a fully-licensed Securities Exchange licence, allowing us to facilitate the public listing of securities, exactly the same as the traditional exchanges like The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong or Bursa Malaysia.

Who can list on the Fusang Exchange?

Institutional traders and investors can be Exchange Members. These must be regulated in their respective jurisdictions to conduct licensed activities with their respective client bases. These can be traditional financial institutions such as banks, brokers, and hedge funds, but can also be crypto exchanges that need a platform to provide the primary public listing of tokens.

Why should my company list on the Fusang Exchange rather than a traditional exchange?

Fusang Exchange allows companies to publicly list without many of operational burdens that come from listing on a paper-based exchange. Companies that want liquidity in their stock, but do not need to raise capital, or want to list alternative structures such as funds or business trusts can also consider the Fusang Exchange.

What cryptocurrency and fiat currency does Fusang support?

For cryptocurrency, we currently accommodate BTC - Bitcoin and ETH - Ethereum. Additional ERC +20 coins to be supported in the near future. Fusang can service other private coins dependant on internal approval and infrastructure set. For fiat, we currently support funding in USD only. We will support other fiat currencies in the near future.


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