FUSANG continues to attract an impressive network of Exchange & Network Members to form Asia's first consortium for fully-compliant security tokens and drive mainstream adoption for both issuers and investors.

Ticker: FSC

Industry: Fintech

Issuer: A Labuan company incorporated on 20th May 2015

Digital Shares: Class A Shares (non-voting) 

Issue Size: 4,000,000 Class A Shares

Issue Price: US$2.50

Client Base: Global

Min. Subscription Amount: US$1000

Due Diligence: Verification of Identity

Max Share Captial: No more than 66,000,000 Class A Shares in total after the final closing

Transferability: No restriction on transferring Class A Shares

Company Overview

FUSANG Corp, established in 2015, is the first fully-regulated platform in Asia providing end-to-end infrastructure to support Security Token Offerings (STOs), allowing both retail and institutional investors to access the digital asset markets in a secure, compliant, and convenient way. 


FUSANG Corp has issued all of its equity as digital shares.



US$ 7.5 Million




US$ 10 Million

IPO (2021)



US$ 20 Million


User acquisition through digital marketing and industry penetration


Asian digital bank committed to listing its full IPO on the FUSANG Exchange

35 years of institutional experience to build an ecosystem of Exchange Members that will sponsor listings, and act as trading agents, brokers, and fundraising partners





With a fully operational platorm, all funds raised in the pre-IPO round is used to scale the business in preparation for the impending IPO on FUSANG Exchange, targeted to complete within 12 months. The three business dimensions to scale include our userbase, issuers, and our ecosystem (Exchange members and Network Members)

Listing Pipeline in 2020-2021


1.    IPO of FUSANG Exchange for US$100 million equity interests
2.    IPO of a Digital Bank for US$50 - 100 million equity interests
3.    IPO of a real estate investment fund for US$250 million equity interest
4.    A private equity fund for US$50 million LP Interests
5.    A digital asset hedge fund originated from Canada and have a presence in Singapore
6.    A venture capital platform headquartered in Cayman Islands with a global presence 

We are very excited about our partnership with FUSANG. Not only will the partnership help to promote digital securities adoption in Asia, but it will also give both companies more ability and opportunity to supply issuers in Asia with industry-leading technology and services.

Carlos Domingo,

CEO and Co-Founder, Securitize

1st Mover Advantage



FUSANG operates a full-fledged exchange with an end-to-end solution for security tokens.





People &


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Digital Assets Business Roadmap

  • Mid-2017 - Explored digital assets for the first time
  • January 2019 - Officially relaunched business to focus exclusively on digital assets
  • April 2019 - Public Launch of Digital Custody Platform
  • February 2020 - Public Launch of Digital Stock Exchange with consent from Regulator to commence business
  • Present Day - Conduct an integrated digital securities business in Asia, operating a licensed digital stock exchange for issuers to issue & list digital securities and a trusted marketplace for investors to trade digital securities


  • FUSANG Exchange - Licensed as a securities exchange and a money broker in Malaysia under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010
  • Fusang Custody - Licensed as a trust or company service provider in Hong Kong pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) (Amendment) Ordinance 2018

Target Markets

Focused on Asia markets with presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam

Key Milestones

1. First Security Token listed: Fusang Corp (FSC)

  • 100% Class A Shares digitised
  • Share transfers & Cap Table updated in real-time (
2. Expanded Digital Assets Supported
  • Custody of BTC, ETH, USDC, and TUSD
  • Private Trading of Security Token: FSC
3. Built IPO Pipeline
  • Secured mandates for the 1st IPO targeted for 2020
  • Built a pipeline of projects to IPO in 2020-2021
4. Established FUSANG Ecosystem
  • Added established exchange/network members and partners to support FUSANG's Ecosystem
  • Building up client base comprising institutions, HNWIs and retails
  • Finance Partners: China Construction Bank + Signature Bank + Baxian Bank
  • Technology Partners: Securitize + Polymath + EPAM
  • Governance & Legal Partners: King & Wood Mallesons + GLT


  • Accountable to Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance, Bank Negara and LFSA
  • Exchange governance documents prepared by international law firm King & Wood Mallesons
  • KYC & AML policy reviewed by KPMG
  • Real-time KYC technology supported by industry leader Jumio
  • Digital asset analytical technology supported by industry leader Elliptic


  • Issue ERC-based tokens and manage cap tables for digital securities issuers
  • Operate an online subscription platform to facilitate global fundraising
  • Manage a regulated listing venue with diligent team and governance
  • Operate a low-latency trading platform to facilitate digital asset trades
  • Operate a digital vault platform to safe keep digital assets
  • Conduct FATF-compliant client onboarding assessments


  • Proprietary technology architecture & modules, and best-in-class platforms
  • High-frequency price-matching engine with institutional-grade UI
  • Proprietary key management system supported with multi-location HSMs
  • Real-time facial recognition and optical character recognition technology
  • Full cybersecurity audits – VAPT following OWASP Top 10 2017/v4
  • Dev and tech support team representing half of Fusang staff


Participate in the Pre-IPO of Asia's Only Digital Securities Exchange

Henry Chong, CEO

As Asia’s first fully-licensed digital stock exchange we are excited to fulfill the long-standing promise of security tokens. The ability to digitise securities not only allows for them to be traded quicker, cheaper, and more easily, but also allows for companies to rethink the value networks they create and what it means to be a shareholder. The future of securities is digital, and we have proven this by issuing our own digital equity.




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