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Gain exposure to a handful of most commonly traded cryptocurrencies without the hassle of managing wallets and keys. The operations of trading, rebalancing and custody are handled by the fund manager.


Crypto Index Fund is listed and traded on Fusang Exchange, operating as an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks the prices of the underlying assets. Prices move in tandem with the value of the underlying cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Index Fund mitigates the uncertainly of volatile cryptocurrencies where timing the market can be tricky. A rules-based methodology provides unbiased exposure representing almost 80% of the crypto universe.

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When cryptocurrencies are added to an investment portfolio, the Sharpe ratio increases which means higher returns relative to the amount of risk taken.

Correlation measures how strong the relationship is between two asset classes. When the correlation is lower, both are less likely to perform the same way and helps investors balance portfolios for more consistent returns.

As cryptocurrencies provide a generally low correlation with the general markets, more investors have gradually allocated their portfolio to the asset class. Uncorrelated assets are the only means to provide true diversification in a portfolio.

Diversification is the only free lunch in investing”,
- Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz, founder of Modern Portfolio Theory.
A handful of the largest cryptos allows exposure to cryptocurrencies that have grown into mainstream acceptance. Investors can benefit from this rapidly growing asset class and bypass the security risks, hassles and complexity of owning crypto on exchanges directly.

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