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This digital bank is raising up to USD 50m to meet it’s initial capital requirements, and fund the technological build-out of the bank.

Its parent company is one of Asia's largest independent trust and corporate services companies. Leveraging all of its parent company's existing operational capabilities and massive client base.

More about the company and the opportunity

Our recent licence approval by LFSA marks the dawn of a new era for our existing family office clients, who continue to face tedious and lengthy processes when facing off with their traditional banking providers, especially with respect to new account opening and transaction approval. As a bank created by families, for families, we intend to deliver a seamless financial services proposition to ultra-high net worth families in the region, supported by best-in-class technology solutions,” the Chairman said. 

This notion was what led the Chairman to look to provide High Net Worth Individuals with the same high touch personal experience of private banks, but with the added measure of being able to do everything digitally. By building a digital-native bank from the ground up, with his pre-existing knowledge and insight into what his existing client base would want, he could fully cater a tailor-made solution for family institutions.

Licence will allow it to offer a full suite of services to its UHNW clients, including corporate advisory, asset and wealth management, sales and trading, and working capital solutions, as well as lending, project finance, and trade finance.

Digital & Cloud-Native: leveraging the full power of technology and the blockchain to build a digital private bank for the 21st century.

High growth potential: A Shariah-compliant bank, this digital bank is well placed to tap into Malaysia’s important Sukuk issuance market, the organisation said, adding that Malaysia has almost 40 per cent of the Sukuk market with RM791 billion ($191.7 billion) in Islamic deposits.


This digital bank has been licensed as a full deposit-taking digital bank under Section 88 of the Labuan Financial Services & Securities Act 2010 (LFSSA).

Allows this digital bank to undertake any and all financial services to clients from all over the world.

First digital-native private bank in Asia.

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