What are Equity tokens?

Equity token is a type of security token. Like traditional stocks, holders of equity tokens possess some form of ownership in the investments. Each equity token represents a percentage of ownership the token holders have in an asset or company.

Why invest in Equity tokens?

The security token market has seen steady growth in 2021. Spurred by strong demand from issuers and investors, the security token market has reached the $1 billion mark in August 2021. As investors move away from unregulated ICOs and turn their attention to security token offerings, regulators have been starting to acknowledge the benefits of tokenisation and blockchain-powered security tokens.

With the possibility to tokenise hundreds of trillions of dollars of real-world assets, the digital securities market has the potential for exponential growth. Industry players are tokenising securities to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology such as efficiency, programmability and fractionalisation. With lowered barriers to adoption, fractionalisation of tokenised securities can increase opportunities for financial inclusion as well as enhance liquidity.

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