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Fully-licensed, Fusang Corp is Asia’s only regulated exchange that makes digital assets accessible to the public. In one blockchain-powered marketplace, investors are empowered with frictionless access to a regulated digital asset market. The capital raising journey for businesses is  accelerated by bringing tokenised securities to a global market through digital issuance.

Investment highlights

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Company stock available to the public as a digital security.

The Company aims to scale business and ride along with the exponential growth of the crypto and digital asset industry” instead of show graphs and comparisons.

The opportunity

Investors from around the world can subscribe to the Fusang IPO in a direct-to-consumer model without the need for intermediary brokers and their associated fees.

As international governments rush to propose new regulations, financial institutions increasingly adopt security tokens and cryptocurrencies.


Name: Fusang Corp

Ticker: FSC

Listing date: TBC  

Product type: Equity Token

Market type: TBC

Tokens in issue: TBC


Blockchain info

Name: Ethereum

Smart contract address: 0x370147b4e82b545523fb5f8100b308a91e14ff36


Research report

*All research reports completed by third parties

Licensed and regulated

Full end-to-end user experience enabled by a licensed exchange, secure custody, and personal digital identity

Secure, fast, direct

Instant market access to digital securities and cryptocurrencies

High growth potential

Company revenue expected to scale and exceed US$202M by 2025, with profit generated from increased trading fees for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. Predict digital assets will enjoy mainstream adoption by 2026

Industry expertise

Members of Fusang Management, Board, and Advisors bring decades worth of experience from investment banking, hedge fund, law and technology sectors


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Investors are advised to exercise caution, read and understand the contents of this information, and obtain all necessary professional advice, before investing. Assets based on emerging technologies, including distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, can be subject to volatility and risk that greatly exceeds that of traditional assets. You may lose your entire investment.

Fusang is a registered trademark of Fusang Corp. Fusang Exchange Ltd (LL15250) in Labuan: Securities Exchange License as defined under Section 133 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010. Fusang Exchange Ltd (MB/19/0038) in Labuan:Labuan Money-Broking Business License as defined under Section 86 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010. Fusang Custody Limited (TC006585) in Hong Kong: Trust or Company Service Provider ( "TCSP") License under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (“AMLO”).

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