What is Protos (PRTS)?

Protos (PRTS) is one of the first data-driven hedge funds in the cryptocurrency and digital token space. Founded in Switzerland in 2017, Protos is an actively traded, tokenized hedge fund for crypto assets run by a group of experienced veteran blockchain investors and technologists. The founders have extensive experience investing in cryptocurrencies and have managed funds of over $1 billion.

Protos investment highlights

The first compliant “tokenized” quantitative crypto fund- PRTS token.

An actively managed hedge fund by using quantitative cryptocurrency investment strategies to trade cryptos like BTC, ETH and ALT coins.

An ERC20 digital token and the holders are not entitled to any voting, distribution or liquidation rights.

Accessible to Sophisticated Investor ONLY.

Trading on Fusang Exchange Private Market in United Stated Dollars (USD).

Who created Protos?

Protos Asset Management GmbH (“Protos”) is a leading provider of systematic crypto and Defi exposure. Protos provides a secure way to invest in cryptocurrency assets and DeFi networks that is systematically traded to over 300 accredited individuals, family offices, institutions and funds of funds.

In 2017, they raised the first compliant “tokenized” quantitative crypto fund (one of the first security tokens) – the PRTS token, which will be their third vehicle investing in cryptocurrencies. People in 97 countries could buy into it with as little as $1.00. The current portfolios including Aave, BTC, ETH and Litecoin.

Industry expertise – their founders have 18 combined years investing in Bitcoin and invested in the Ethereum ICO round 1 at ETH 0.25cents.


Name: Protos

Ticker: PRTS

Listing Date: 14 September 2020

Product Type: Fund

Market Type: Private

Tokens in Issue: 5,842,691

Website: https://protosmanagement.com/

Blockchain info

Blockchain Name: Ethereum

Smart Contract Address: 0x5e17f6f450dcb0bc69b232ea554e224d7e88067a

Blockchain Browser: https://etherscan.io/token/0x5e17f6f450dcb0bc69b232ea554e224d7e88067a

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