Maximise global access to investor capital via the power of tokenisation

Seeking enhanced capital access via digital securities and a global exchange?

Experience unparalleled liquidity for investment products within a sturdy legal framework, ensuring robust investor protection on our innovative platform. Confidently invest as digital securities token holders, benefiting from a comprehensive legal structure designed for optimal security.

Our regulated global securities exchange enables sponsoring private and public digital securities in a standardized, compliant, and investor-centric manner.

Bid farewell to protracted roadshows and embrace a streamlined, efficient investment process.

The 7 Steps to Your Tokenised Future

Gain greater access to capital

Tokenisation provides asset owners with an easy way to access liquidity without extensive paperwork and fundraising.

Fusang's platform showcases fund attributes to a wider audience.

Our tokenisation technology mimics public equity markets, saving issuers time and resources.

Fusang offers access to an institutional network and a broader pool of investors.

Save time and money from endless road shows

Global distribution without the need to onboard one Limited Partner or Distribution Partner at a time.

Single platform to communicate investment documents and investor relations alerts. The average road show can take up to 21 days, and can cost $100K+ even Millions, not mention the thousands of hours of labor.

Frictionless validation of investor interest

Place your fund issuance on the Fusang Exchange and gather investor interest.

Avoid directly facing end investors by distributing your fund through our institutional broker network.

Institutional brokers purchase fund units on behalf of their clients.

Once subscription amounts are confirmed, fund managers execute the issuance, and investors are immediately locked in.

Onboard investors and collect funds quickly

Fusang Exchange simplifies investment confirmations and fund collection for fund managers.

End investors don't need onboarding, as all members of the Fusang Network are regulated financial institutions who have completed KYC/AML/onboarding for their clients.

Fast and cost-effective, the process takes only days and costs only a fraction of the tradition methods

Transparent digital share registry via tokens on blockchain

Fusang manages the complete token creation and issuance process.

Tokens are directly issued to investors, representing the underlying fund units.

Coupon and distribution issuance to token holders is seamless on the blockchain.

Secondary trading liquidity

Investors can trade their tokens on the Fusang Exchange via their digital brokers.

Secondary liquidity is enabled, allowing investors to easily trade their tokens.

This is particularly useful for closed-ended funds without direct redemption options.

Simple redemption of investor assets

Investors can redeem their tokens back into paper fund units at any time (subject to fund restrictions).

The redemption process can take several months, depending on fund redemption periods.

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issuer services

Launch your Private Marketplace

Looking to create your own private marketplace without the high start-up costs and operational challenges of running a full-fledged exchange? Look no further than Fusang, where we enable market builders to create their own marketplace and manage their clients under their own brand.

Our platform leverages our regulatory ecosystem, exchange infrastructure, and technology services, allowing you to focus on your core business of sales and distribution channels. With our innovative solution, you can enjoy the benefits of a private marketplace without the hassle and expense of building and operating one yourself. Join us today and start building your own marketplace with ease.

Launch co-branded listing board

Partner with Fusang Exchange to create a co-branded listing board focused on your specific target market. Fusang can support the listing of multiple asset classes, from securities, to commodities, and alternative assets.

What you get:

All operations and governance for the listing board handled by Fusang

A segregated marketplace for just your issuers and investors

Ability to handle both public and private listings

Join the Network

The Fusang Network is a blockchain-based network of regulated financial institutions, powering borderless transfers of tokenised assets. Plug into the Fusang Network and access private market infrastructure that works just like existing public markets. Learn more

Your fusang journey

High touch support with our Issuer relationship manager

Digitally onboard your fund or assets

Upload factsheets, PPMs and digital content for distributor access

Set fund raising targets

Start raising capital

Why Tokenise?

Access a global network of brokers to broaden the distribution of your investment products.

Connect LPs to secondary liquidity, utilising fractionalised digital assets that reduce investor friction around early redemption charges and penalties.

Open up access to alternative fund raising and investor capital.

What do you need to know about tokenisation on Fusang?

Utilise our standardised Fusang Depository Receipt (“FDR”) legal framework and settlement infrastructure.

Tokenise without up-front fees.

Tokenise without the need to set up complex legal structures or entities.

Access new investor capital at the speed of digital by being able to instantly tokenise and distribute digital securities on the Fusang network.


What is a listing sponsor?

A Type 3 Listing Sponsor is responsible for ensuring main board issuers’ compliance with the Rules of Exchange, including ensuring a complete and proper application to Fusang, being the main board issuer’s principal channel of communication with Fusang throughout the application process, undertaking product listing for issuer onto Fusang Exchange.

What are the required documents to submit to become a listing sponsor?

Applicants to be a Type 3 Listing Sponsor need to prepare and submit the following documents:

Corporate documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of Name Change / Partnership Agreement / Trust Deed / Other Business Certificates
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Directors
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Group shareholding / structure chart
  • Compliance Manual
  • Financial services license held
  • Business plan or strategy to conduct business as a Fusang Member
  • Latest audited financial statements
  • Statement proof as a Sophisticated Investor i.e. institution.

Fusang forms

  • Fusang Member’s Application Form
  • Fusang KYC checklist
  • Declaration of Source of Wealth and Source of Funds of the Entity
  • Board Resolution
  • Letter of Authorisation
  • Trust Declaration Letter from Trustee