Raise capital via Security Token Offering (STO)

You are a founder who wants to raise capital for your company, or provide a secondary marketplace for your existing shares or options.

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Fundraise and access liquidity

Digital securities enable widespread process automation, removing the paperwork and inefficiencies associated with traditional investment markets. Thanks to our blockchain-powered trading platform, Fusang enables a faster and more cost-effective issuance and investment process than traditional exchanges.

As a fully licensed securities exchange, Fusang can serve both sophisticated and retail investors, which enables you to list on public or private market.

We provide one-stop-shop fundraising solutions and support you along your capital raising journey from deal structuring to marketing and distribution to our global pool of institutional and retail investors.

Our unmatched integrated platform offers an end-to end fulfilment and a seamless user journey for your investors (from onboarding to asset settlement), which enables you to dramatically reduce costs of shareholder onboarding.