Aditi Trustees Limited

An independent trust company with practical solutions to complex situations

Only by recognising and meeting your distinct requirements can we have a positive impact on your life and business. This is why we provide an extensive range of services, plus the ability to tailor solutions based on your specific needs.

To ensure ones future wellbeing, it has to be planned for. When it comes to succession planning or safeguarding your assets against unforeseen circumstances, it is never too early to start. Whether you would like to set up a trust for long term family inheritance purposes, as a profit-sharing scheme for employees, or to protect your loved ones, Aditi can act as your trustee and partner.

The Licence

Aditi Trustees Limited is licensed by Fusang Exchange Ltd as a Listing Sponsor on the Fusang Exchange. The Licensee must at all times conduct its operations in accordance with the Rules of Exchange and any other regulations prescribed by Fusang Exchange Ltd for the activities authorised by this Licence.

This Licence is granted subject to the following conditions: None.

Contact Details

Principal Officer: Peter John Band

Entity Number: FSX-LS-005

Registered Office Address: Unit 15A, 1stFloor, Paragon Labuan Centre, Jalan Tun Mustapha, Labuan F.T Malaysia, 87000

Email: office@adtiitrustees.com

Contact Number: +087 7490174

Certificate Effective Date: 23 December 2020

This Licence is granted by Fusang Exchange Ltd in accordance with the Rules of Exchange issued by Fusang Exchange Ltd under section 136 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (Act 704 of the Laws of Malaysia).