Chief Financial Officer

Miaw Siaw Loong is Chief Financial Officer of Fusang.

Miaw Siaw Loong joined Fusang as the Head of Operations and Compliance in September 2017 and was promoted to Managing Director in June 2018. He plays an instrumental role in heading Fusang's Operations, Finance, and Compliance function, focusing on implementation and execution of overall corporate strategy. 

Miaw Siaw Loong has worked in the banking industry for over 20 years covering areas from commercial and retail banking to investment banking. Since joining an investment bank in 1996, he gained more than 13 years of experience in the capital markets, directly involved in origination, execution, compliance and monitoring an array of capital market and derivatives transaction.


Siaw Loong started his career with Hock Hua Bank (Sabah) Berhad in 1992 and subsequently joined Banque Paribas’ offshore banking unit in Labuan in 1994 where he was involved in the marketing of banking products and running the operations of the branch.


In 1996 he joined Barclays Bank PLC offshore banking branch in Labuan responsible for setting-up the branch’s accounting and operation functions where he became the main point of contact for product group around the region. In 1999 he took overall responsibility of the branch and represented the branch in external matters both within the group and with clients outside Labuan. In 2003 his job scope expanded to include client coverage focusing on generating banking business from the East Malaysian markets.


Miaw Siaw Loong obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Accounting and Finance from University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1991 and 1987 respectively.

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