Fusang launches Full-Stack Offering for Crypto Companies & Funds to issue & list Blockchain Native Shares

Enabling crypto companies and funds to issue and list Blockchain-Native Shares (BNS) set to unlock secondary market liquidity into the fast growing digital securities ecosystem

Fusang, a fully-licensed stock exchange for blockchain-native shares, has announced the launch of a full-stack digital solution that enables crypto companies and funds to offer their own blockchain-native shares directly to their stakeholders. This digital offering will aid the rapid development and access for businesses looking to list tokenised securities backed by blockchain, crypto funds, and other crypto-related products.

Listing on Fusang allows crypto companies and funds to offer a native company share on the blockchain that is regulated, providing the same consumer protection as traditional paper-based shares. This compliant framework will deliver a huge boost of confidence to the broader digital securities market, in a landscape littered with unregulated exchanges and complex products. Additionally, companies are able to access global investors 24/7, who can subscribe to their IPO in a direct-to-consumer model without the need for layers of intermediary brokers and their associated fees.

Fusang's best-in-class technology solutions, supported by a team of highly seasoned professionals, provides crypto companies and funds with a complete solution to execute an end-to-end public offering (IPO), including onboarding, due diligence, filing, auditing, and custody of blockchain native shares to list on Fusang Exchange's Main Board (for retail investors), or Private Market (for sophisticated investors).

Amidst burgeoning industry activity, nearly all blockchain and cryptocurrency companies looking to IPO are nascent start-ups who will benefit from this full-stack digital listing solution. This includes Fusang itself, which has already converted the shares of FUSANG Corp (FSC), its parent company, into blockchain-native shares.

Fusang's digital shares will be listed on Fusang Exchange itself and available to retail investors beginning Q3 2021. Henry Chong, CEO at Fusang, stated:

The hype of the security token market has not yet materialised. It's been more than two years after ICO's died off and there are only a handful of security tokens: none of which are publicly listed and traded as real blockchain-native shares. Fusang's equity is already held as blockchain-native shares by private investors, and it's time we demonstrate the power of the Fusang platform by going through a full-fledged IPO, and becoming a public company. We're also excited to do this for our current pipeline of companies, fuelling sustainable, long-term growth in the digital securities market.

Fusang Exchange is in the process of listing a number of upcoming funds and IPOs in Q4 2021 and 2022, that will apply the full-stack solution for blockchain-native shares.


FUSANG is the only fully-licensed exchange for blockchain-native shares. We use the same underlying technology that powers Bitcoin, but to represent real-world assets like shares, bonds, and funds. FUSANG focuses on enabling crypto companies & funds to issue and list their blockchain-native shares, directly to their stakeholder base. By going public on the Fusang Exchange, companies can enable retail investors to directly trade their shares, unlocking secondary market liquidity.



Listing & trading venue for Fiat/Crypto/Blockchain-Native Shares

  • Investors, including retail can access the platform 24/7
  • Venue (stock exchange) where companies can go public


Secure management of all blockchain operations

  • Custody of Fiat/Crypto/Blockchain-Native Shares
  • Token Issuance & Lifecycle Management Platform


Centralised point for investors to access all Fusang accounts

  • Digital customer onboarding (KYC & AML) from anywhere
  • Maps identity against blockchain-native shares, creating the Register of Members


  1. Fusang Exchange Ltd in Labuan: Securities Exchange Licence, under Section 133 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.
  2. Fusang Exchange Ltd in Labuan: Money-Broking Licence, under Section 86 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.
  3. Fusang Fund Management Ltd in Labuan: Fund Manager Licence, under Section 44 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.
  4. Fusang CustodyLimited in Hong Kong: Trust or Company Services Provider (TCSP), under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (“AMLO”).

For more information, visit fusang.co

For media enquiries, please contact: media@fusang.co

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