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Regulated yes, regular no

FUSANG IS A REGULATED STOCK EXCHANGE For investor and issuer Integrity

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The rush to digital securities has seen unregulated players in the market. Fusang is different. Regulated under Labuan Financial Services Authority which reports to the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia, Fusang operates to international best standards and practices with full transparency. For everyone’s peace of mind.

Fusang is a Financial Institution


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Fusang is fully-licensed as a Securities Exchange. Not only do we make trading in digital securities, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies easier than ever, Fusang also helps promising businesses accelerate funding by taking their digital assets to a global market.

License Types

Security Exchange License

Allows us to act as the primary listing venue for companies to go public and allow retail investors to trade in their shares.

Money-Broking Licence

Allows us to facilitate trading between both Fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Fund Manager Licence

Allows us to act as a fund manager, including for retail-accessible Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Trust or Company Services Provider (TCSP)

Allows us to act as custodian for fiat, crypto, and equity tokens.

Blockchain beats paper

Reliable, fast, transparent.
Trade whenever, wherever.

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Blockchain transactions are fast, reliable and immutable. Trades on a blockchain settle in a matter of minutes rather than days, with a dramatic reduction in fees. And because they’re mega transparent, they’re visibly fair. Trade around the clock with no closing bell or borders. Connecting ideas direct to investors will unleash unicorns we may have never seen.

Democratising investment opportunity

no brokers no middle people no barriers

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Digital security trading cuts out everything between you and the asset. Smart contracts automate workflows to reduce what used to be significant operational costs. With transactions taken care of by blockchain, investments are open to more and more people at lower entry levels. Products previously available to sophisticated investors only have become democratised.

Tokenize the World


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Most of the real-world's assets is illiquid. From NFT, artwork, real estate to racehorses, asset tokenization can unlock new markets, opening up new investment opportunities and new types of fractional ownership. Anything expected to be worth more over time becomes an investment possibility that can be listed and traded on Fusang Exchange.