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Licensed in two jurisdictions (Hong Kong and Labuan, Malaysia), Fusang operates a fully licensed and regulated digital ecosystem which includes Fusang Exchange, Asia’s first regulated stock exchange for security tokens.

Fusang gives investors direct access to security tokens and crypto-assets. As an investor, you can trade in both private and public markets, across all asset classes.

Fusang is laying the foundation for innovation to steer the evolution of investment. We tokenize real-world assets with growth potential. Join us in the future, where investing in a company is as seamless as buying its products and the process is as accessible as online shopping.

How do we get there? With you, our partners. We’re inviting you to a new kind of investment relationship, built on transparency, inclusion, trust and shared values. Fusang is a community where forward-thinking, global investors are connected to breakthrough businesses. Our partners are our driving force.

Welcome aboard.

An Unparalleled Space

Fusang is positioned to be unmatched in the market. By combining the opportunity of a crypto exchange with the functionality of a stock exchange, we’re revolutionizing expectations.

We’re here to tick all the boxes, offering more comprehensive market access than any other exchange. Our accredited investors can trade in the public and private market, across traditional and alternative assets.

As shown below, our offerings are unmatched in diversity – including securities that represent direct asset ownership, physical shares and contractual obligations. And, to take it one step further, our fully digital-native shares don’t require any major financial market infrastructure.

Open Finance Network
Public Market
Traditional Assets
Alternative Assets
Crypto Currency
Direct ownership 1
Contractual Oblication 2
Digital Rep. 3
Digital Native
Clearing house
Central depository
Transfer agency
transaction aggregator
No Capability
Full Capability
Not Applicable
Source: Fusang, Quinlan & Associates analysis Report: Full report

The First of its Kind

Our Vision

We're driving the future of finance as Asia's first fully-licensed securities exchange focused purely on digital assets.

Fusang provides an end-to-end platform for all real world assets with growth potential to be tokenized and converted into digital assets. This keeps innovation at the core of investment whilst creating thriving communities committed to growth.

Our international network allows investors to find and support the revolutionary ideas they believe in.

Our Mission

Fusang is creating a future where all artificial barriers to investment are dismantled. Investment can fuel discovery, create jobs, and drive potential expansion. With no unnecessary obstacles, it can allow many to access the unicorns of tomorrow.

We see a world where regulations enhance the investment experience without compromising on what we value most: innovation and accessibility.

We exist to give businesses the freedom, flexibility, resources and support they need to flourish. When they reach their full potential, so can we. That’s what it means to share in success.

Your Experience Comes First

Your user experience is at the top of our priority list. Our team has exciting upgrades and releases in the pipeline.

We’re building a mobile app and multi-platform integration, simplifying the process from start to finish. Through our SSO (Single Sign-On) platform, layered on top of FDI (Foreign direct investment), investors will be able to effortlessly access any part of the Fusang ecosystem. And our Investor Management Portal will directly connect businesses with investors, allowing you to build new investment relationships with just a click.


Independent Fusang Assessment

Research report performed by Zero One.

Source: Zero One

Licensed and regulated

Full end-to-end user experience enabled by a licensed exchange, secure custody, and personal digital identity.

Secure, fast, direct

Instant market access to digital securities and cryptocurrencies.

High growth potential

Company revenue expected to scale and exceed US$202M by 2025, with profit generated from increased trading fees for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. Predict digital assets will enjoy mainstream adoption by 2026.

Industry expertise

Members of Fusang Management, Board, and Advisors bring decades worth of experience from investment banking, hedge fund, law and technology sectors.

Our Community Starts With You

Like success, we believe that information should be shared. Check out our library of educational resources to tap into our growing network of knowledge and get an investment edge.

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Blink, and you could miss out on the latest opportunity in the ever-changing digital security space. But we don’t want you to. That’s why we’ve created The Daily Forkast, a daily news resource to bring you the latest from industry insiders.

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To us, awards are about building trust and sharing our mission. Here are a few of the ways we’ve been recognised for our commitment to innovation:

  • The 2021 TADS Awards: Best of Class Equity-Backed Token See Original.
  • The 2021 ET Net Fintech Awards: Outstanding Blockchain Technology in Application and Transaction System Platform See Original
  • Winner of AmCham’s HK Start-ups competition See Original

    Fusang in the Media


    IPO Deferment
    • Fusang Corp, the owner of Asia’s only fully regulated end-to-end digital securities exchange, announced today that it will defer the Initial Public Offering of its FSC security token, which had slated to list on Fusang Exchange on 31March, due to escalating global uncertainties and exceptional market volatility. See Full Press Release

      Announcement to Applicants in relation to Fusang Corps deferment of its proposed initial public offering. See Full Announcement

    Fusang wins Regulatory Approval for Landmark IPO of Equity Tokens

    Fusang wins Regulatory Approval for Landmark IPO of Equity TokensFusang Corp (FSC) equity tokens give investors direct shareholding in Asia’s first regulated stock exchange for securities tokens and, by extension, the future of the industry. FSC equity tokens slated to list on Fusang Exchange by end of 1Q22.
    See full release here