Fusang Vault is an institutional-grade digital asset custodian providing professional services through a proprietary custodial platform.

Engineered with advanced security technology and customized workflow controls, Fusang Vault is built to adapt to evolving blockchain technology and offer an unparalleled customer experience.


Can we assign different user roles?

Ensuring that only authorised parties within your organisation have approval rights minimises corporate operational risk. You can assign different user roles in your Fusang Vault account as follows: - Superuser has the highest level of authority and has full access to wallets. He/she can create wallets, assign Users to wallets, designate users as Signers or Viewers, approve transactions, edit information and conduct other admin functions. E.g. a hedge fund’s director or partner who may not get involved in daily operations or transactions but has absolute authority to act as ultimate controller. - Users are, designated by the Superuser, as Signers or Viewers to approve transactions, edit information and conduct other admin functions. Viewer has the right to view wallets he/she is assigned to. While Viewer cannot approve transactions, he/she can initiate transactions and relevant Signers will receive email notifications asking for approvals. E.g. a hedge fund’s operation officer who needs to keep track of movements and conduct reconciliation work.

Are cryptocurrencies under FUSANG Vault’s custody held in segregated accounts?

Yes. All digital assets are clearly defined and separated from the client’s wallets, which are held in segregated accounts.

What are the different types of custody wallets?

Fusang Vault custody platform has 3 different types of wallets: Frozen wallet, Secure wallet and High Frequency wallet.


User transactions are guarded by Cerberus: our three-tiered defence system


Private keys are generated offline, and split into shards by FUSANG's proprietary Enigma engine.

Stored on Hardware Security Modules and distributed across various locations with full backups


The FUSANG Secure Infrastructure runs in a high-availability configuration, ensuring that your assets are secure and available 24/7


From the security protocols, to our compliance and governance direction, investors can rely on Fusang's S.A.F.E. approach.


  • Compliance KYC / AML checks on each account

  • Four-eyes validation process

  • Policy Driven: Multi-signatory access and permission levels

  • Third-Party Oversight

  • Code Audit

  • Governance


  • Leveraging on 35+ years' experience

  • Operational Expertise

  • Customer service during Asia hours


  • Proprietary Technology

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • HSM storage

  • Designed to eliminate the human 
    human error


  • Customized policies for each wallet

  • 24/7 access to transactions within policy boundaries

  • User rights customized to different authority levels to meet operational needs



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  • The key differences between the three security level: Frozen, Secure and Flash

  • The differences between Superusers and Users

  • How to export all your transaction activities?

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