Fusang KYC Process 

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The onboarding process through Fusang Digital Identity platform (FDI)

  • Most encountered errors on the platform and solutions to resolve them

  • Q&As

Tuesday,July 28th

4:00-4:30pm HKT


Live  AMA ''Ask Me Anything''

Why invest in FSC* 

with Fusang's CEO 

Henry Chong

*Please note that this webinar is for Sophisticated Investors ONLY.

In this webinar, you can:

  • engage with Henry Chong by asking any question about Fusang Corp (FSC)

  • learn the top reasons why our investors bought into Fusang Corp (FSC)

  • learn exciting news about Fusang's latest developments (acceleration of users growth, upcoming listings in Fusang Exchange...etc)

Friday,July 31st

4:00-4:30pm HKT


Banking solutions for Labuan companies

from left to right​:

  • Datuk Danial Mah Abdullah, Director-General, Labuan FSA

  • Steven Wong, Chief Operating & Financial Strategist (COO), China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

  • Gopal Kiran, Director - Financial Services, Deloitte Southeast Asia

  • Joseph Seibert, MD, SVP Digital Asset Banking, Signature Bank

  • Kevin Foo, Partner, Financial Services, KPMG Malaysia

  • Warren Raiti, Legal Counsel, Nevis International Bank & Trust

  • Arthur Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Fusang Corp

Tuesday,August 4th

10:00-11:00am HKT

In this webinar panel discussion, we will talk about:

  • Current challenges for Labuan businesses

  • Rise of Digital banks and what Labuan has to offer

  • Benchmarking with other offshore jurisdictions

  • Onshore and Offshore banking options

How to use Fusang Exchange Platform

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • a Demo on how to use Fusang Exchange including:

    • Setting Preferences

    • Advance View vs. Simple View

    • How to organise your interface 

    • What are the differences between the three order types

    • How to put an order

  • Live Q&As

Tuesday,August 4th

4:00-4:30pm HKT


Past Webinars

How to use Fusang Vault

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to deposit crypto as trading deposit from your Fusang Vault wallet to Fusang Exchange? 

  • How to create a wallet?

  • The key differences between the three security level: Frozen, Secure and Flash

  • The differences between Superusers and Users

  • How to export all your transaction activities?

Tuesday,August 11th

4:00-4:30pm HKT


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