As Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated ecosystem for security tokens and digital assets, Fusang combines the innovation of blockchain technology with the accountability of regulation. We made trading security tokens on our digital exchange a seamless experience with limitless opportunities.

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We have simplified the process of trading security tokens on our digital exchange (such as equity, debt, fund tokens) to ensure that your trading experience is seamless and that your opportunities are limitless..

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Fusang, a fully regulated digital exchange, has broken down the barriers to trading. Trade seamlessly on a single platform and gain access to a myriad of investment opportunities. With Fusang, the possibilities are endless.

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Digital securities

A smart evolution from traditional paper-based certificates because they can do three things:
Store critical information as an encrypted code,
Authenticate a person’s identity electronically,
Self-executing smart contracts that can also store the logic of transactions executions.

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Trade STO’s on Fusang exchange

Trade with confidence. Buy and sell fiat, security tokens and crypto without having to worry about unexpected fees. We provide comprehensive market access to both individual and retail investors. Own digital securities and digital assets with real-world value.

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Invest in the Future of Finance


Security tokens or digital securities are simply a smart evolution of traditional securities (share, bond, fund...), allowing for smoother, faster, and more secure secondary market transactions. They are simply the digital representation of ownership of an underlying asset.

Go from shareholder to stakeholder. At Fusang, breakthrough businesses flourish, small investors get a fair shot, and institutions get instant access to the latest ideas.


Tokenise and Fundraise with Fusang

Raising Capital

Raising capital is costly and time-consuming. As the next generation of innovators, you deserve better. Fusang’s end-to-end solution solves the biggest problems in fundraising.

Whether you’re running a company or turning followers into funding, you focus on what you do best – we’ll take care of everything else

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The Fusang Trading Platform

Trade Or TOKENIZE with confidence

Our platform is a marketplace designed to deliver a seamless experience for both issuers and investors.

Fully-Licensed & Fully Integrated

Our exchange is fully-licensed, providing our issuers and investors with only legally approved products and services and fully integrated system infrastructure.

Market Access & Product Access

We provide our investors with access to both private and public markets across traditional and alternative asset classes.

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The Ecosystem

Connect with the Fusang community

Stay ahead of the latest opportunities in the digital securities space, discuss the future of STOs (Security Tokens Offering) and connect with like-minded investors. 

Our Fusang ecosystem offers events, Master Classes, airdrops and more. It’s time to pool your knowledge and reap the rewards.

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Fusang together with our ecosystem partners ensure that we continue to transform with the evolving landscape of digital assets. Join our expanding network.

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Top news worth your while. News, insights and top events focused on STO's and other digital assets. Join us and learn all about how we tokenise real world assets.


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Connect with the Fusang Community for Events, Master Classes and more. Grow your knowledge of digital securities to give yourself an investment edge.

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