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Are you a Fintech entrepreneur seeking to build a digital exchange, or Fintech mobile application?

Leverage the power of Fusang's digital solutions customisable for B2B (exchange/market places/matching engines) and B2C (native mobile) business builders.

Startup Founders/Innovators

Ideal for banking professionals seeking to build next generation Fintechs using the power of mobile, blockchain and AI without the cost of building out an entire tech team. We are your outsourced supercharge CTO and infrastructure provider.

Wealth Management Platform Builders

For digital asset managers wanting to provide Fintech and/or Robo-advisory experience for their client base using the power of digital assets and artificial intelligence via a scalable solution delivered through mobile.

Digital Brokers and Banks

For digital brokers and banks wanting to provide a first class digital solution and speed up getting your products to market without the pain of building the entire stack from scratch. Our customisable and widget based mobile tech enables you to build brand new digital mobile solution that is beyond your typical third party vendor solutions. Find out more about what you can customise to provide a unique client interface for your customers.

Build your own Exchange or Private Market

build your own open or private market place leveraging the power of Fusang's digital infrastructure. Attract investors to transact on a exchange infrastructure for your business. Access both digital securities and cryptocurrencies solution through the power of Fusang technologies.

Token issuer solutions

leverage the power of tokenisation and and build your own asset tokenisation solutions for your customers without needed to build an entire technology organisation leveraging the power of the Fusang ecosystem.

VC, PE & Accelerators

Leverage the power of tokenisation and manage your investor network without the complexity, cost, and administration pains of running a regulated fund. Manage your investor network through our portal for a painless fully digital experience speeding the investment process. GP & LP's enjoy the power of tokenisation, reduction in costs to manage fund structures all delivered via web 3.0 and mobile software solution built to be future proof.

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The Benefits

How We Save You Time and Money

By choosing Fusang , you can avoid significant expenses associated with:

Hiring developers, product managers, and technologists, which can cost up to $2 million USD a year in headcount spend.

Existing Brokers White Labelling Outdated Tech:

If you're an existing broker using white-labelled technology that's outdated and not customized, our platform can help you stand out from the competition. We cater to firms with small VIP client bases that require user front ends, providing a bespoke solution to enhance your customer's experience.

Reduced costs: Developing a fintech solution in-house is expensive.

Liquidity and market access: A broader market ecosystem, which can lead to increased liquidity for your customers

Faster time to market: our ready-to-use platform allows startups to launch their services quickly.

Products or companies.

Enable access to private funds currently only available to elite institutional and high net worth investors.

Global investor onboarding

multi-language support and global KYC enable you to attract and onboard investors from around the world.

Leveraging the power of fractional investments lowering the concentration risks of investing across a greater diversification of investments

How to get started

You want to uplift your technology without the need to rebuild from scratch and rehire a brand new technology organisation.

Leverage the power of our modularised solutions from matching engines, mobile tech, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions saving you time and money to bring your business to market or scale at with the power of digital.

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