Greater access to products & liquidity at scale for your clients

Expand your clients' investment opportunities with Fusang Exchange, a regulated digital platform providing access to digital assets, private markets, and alternative investments. Instantly connect to a diverse array of options, including private securities, equities, debt, and cryptocurrencies. Our platform caters to institutional brokers as well those with retail clients.

Discover our sophisticated platform, offering strong investor protection through a standardized legal framework. Seamlessly enter and exit investments, mirroring public markets. Join us and empower your clients with exceptional investment choices.

What if you could take your existing licences and clients and…

Open up access for your clients to private markets and digital assets and (re)gain market share due to broader product access via the power of digital assets through a regulated exchange.

Provide clients with access to secondary liquidity for previously illiquid assets.

Access private markets just like public markets, ensuring your compliance team and regulators can easily understand investor risks.

Trade private securities on a regulated exchange that solves for KYC, AML, and CRS issues.

Clear and settle private securities through a standardised and legally compliant market infrastructure built for institutional investors used to trading on national stock exchanges.

Enhance investor protection by accessing digital assets with secure custodian and governance framework that provides investors with a clear understanding of their legal rights protected through existing securities laws.

fusang for Brokers, Family Offices & more...

Launch your Private Marketplace

Are you a broker or family office looking to make the move to digital? With our platform, you can launch your very own proprietary marketplace, exclusively for your customers, at a fraction of the cost of building it from scratch.

Our platform is designed to speed up your time to market for your new digital new marketplaces, providing you with access and liquidity at scale for your clients.

Say goodbye to the headaches and high costs of building your own marketplace, admin, onboarding, and roadshows - let us help you take your business to the next level with our innovative platform. Join us today and start reaping the benefits of a truly digital marketplace.

Launch co-branded listing board

Partner with Fusang Exchange to create a co-branded listing board focused on your specific target market. Fusang can support the listing of multiple asset classes, from securities, to commodities, and alternative assets.

What you get:

All operations and governance for the listing board handled by Fusang

A segregated marketplace for just your issuers and investors

Ability to handle both public and private listings

Join the Network

The Fusang Network is a blockchain-based network of regulated financial institutions, powering borderless transfers of tokenised assets. Plug into the Fusang Network and access private market infrastructure that works just like existing public markets. Learn more


Broaden product access

Connect to greater liquidity on a global scale through the power of digital assets.

Fusang Exchange is the regulated market place for digital securities and crypto currencies designed to enable brokers to access digital assets via exchange, clearing, and settlement flows designed like a national stock exchange: with controls, governance and compliance at the heart of our infrastructure.

Fusang Exchange enables brokers to become part of the full lifecycle of primary and secondary markets allowing you an efficient mechanism to charge fees.

The Fusang Network efficiently solves for custody and settlement across all Members.

Safeguard your clients assets.

Provide your customers with greater access to liquidity.

Access secondary liquidity ensuring your clients can invest lower the cost of liquidity risk on exits.

Enable access to private funds currently only available to elite institutional and high net worth investors.

Enable your clients to develop customised inflation hedging strategies.

Leverage the power of fractional investments and reduce concentration risks through diversification

Your Fusang XP

High touch support with your relationship manager

Speak with relationship manager for broker setup

Set up accounts with Fusang Exchange

Connect via API, FIX, or web portal

Enable trading and go live