Built for Access and Liquidity

We are Builders. Building institutional blockchain infrastructure where financial institutions can meet all their regulatory obligations, allowing tokens to be seamlessly transferred between anyone.
We are Infrastructure. Bringing together a network of Financial Institutions, within existing licensing & regulatory frameworks: providing the marketplaces and tools needed to connect global liquidity in new and previously unimagined ways.
We are Access. We are empowering all investors with easy access to private and alternative investments, through existing Mobile Brokers & Fund Structures, that already have their own client bases.
We are the Bridge. Securities & Tokenisation. We've built Tokenised Depository Receipts (TDRs) that allow assets to be bridged back-and-forth between “paper” and tokenised form, enabling Issuers & Sponsors to leverage the best of both worlds.


Lead the world in the financial tokenised evolution

The adoption of blockchain technology in the financial world is revolutionizing the way we do business. No longer do we have to spend hours filing paper documents and completing share and settlement processes. Now, all securities offerings can be done with the click of a button, thanks to the power of tokenization.

At Fusang, we're rising to the challenge of changing the world by building the infrastructure required to make this revolutionary leap towards instant digital asset tokenization and trading. We're determined to create a global network of institutions, brokers, family offices, and investors, providing access to the newest alternatives and tokenised TradFi.

The next click on the future dial is a world where finance is supercharged with tokenization, making it easier, more efficient, and more accessible for everyone. We believe that this technology has the power to transform the financial industry in ways that we can't even imagine yet, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Join us on this journey towards a brighter, more innovative future in finance. Let's build a world where tokenization is the norm, and where everyone has access to the opportunities they need to succeed.


Foundational infrastructure for the tokenised future

Fusang’s Mission is to build a blockchain-based network of regulated financial institutions, powering borderless transfers of tokenised assets.


All assets everywhere are tokenised

Fusang’s Vision for the future of finance is a world in which all assets are tokenised, to provide all investors greater access & liquidity.

Why plug into Fusang?

We enable institutional & professional / sophisticated investors access to a supercharged and ambitious global blockchain tokenised network.

Putting compliance first

We’re laser-focused on building a licensed entity that complies with traditional securities regulation.

Simplifying the complex

Our digital-native platform gives us a level of global reach that no traditional stock exchange can replicate.

Catalysing positive change

By bringing businesses, stakeholders and communities in new ways, we’re showing that better kinds of investment relationships are possible.

Why Issue With Fusang?

We help businesses connect with brokers and their global investors. Imagine a future with no more paperwork, no more road shows and no more onboarding - allowing you to focus on what you are best at.

Raising funds

Our issuers can raise funds without worrying about hefty fees and inferior user experience.

Accessing global investors

Our digital-native platform gives us a level of global reach that no traditional stock exchange can replicate.

Building alternative value networks

By bringing businesses, stakeholders and communities in new ways, we’re showing that better kinds of investment relationships are possible.

We Value


We do the right thing.
Legally, morally, ethically.


We take ownership of our work.


We seek the new. We are not afraid to ask questions.


We look to apply what we have learned.


We are forthcoming, open
and honest

Fusang Foundations

Fusang was a blockchain exchange with massive potential, built by Henry Chong, the CEO and his team. Kelvin, the soon to be President, met Henry and they discovered their shared vision of the next era in finance.
A new era where all assets are tokenised, issued and traded on a completely regulated and trusted network. A borderless network where institutional investors could plug in and access all new alternatives, and family offices could protect their wealth with new products and liquidity. This global network will provide secondary liquidity to all as brokers don't get middled out, but in fact are key in bolstering the network with their distribution and are able to meet client demand by accessing the issuers also directly plugged into the eco-system. And everyone can transact with confidence because they know it is a fully regulated and licensed network. Henry’s vision, deep understanding of financial markets and leadership paired with Kelvin’s experience in building a global institutional network Liquidnet for buy side institutions, has made all this happen. They have a truly inspired the team behind them, now ready for the next challenge. What was just a new revolutionary exchange became a foundation for the future of finance to build on.  

Fusang Leadership

Our growing team of passionate, well-rounded industry leaders is laser-focused on shaping tomorrow’s financial solutions and services. Powered by diversity and driven by a spirit of exploration, we are committed to guiding people, fuelling growth and shaping innovative new products in the market.
Meet the Leadership Team and our Board of Directors here.