We build the foundation of the Future of Finance

Discover a global network granting access to a plethora of alternative investments. Our cutting-edge platform connects you to a regulated intermediary network, offering a digital asset superhighway.

Our regulated exchange underpins trading, clearing, and settlement for digital assets, encompassing securities and cryptocurrencies. Experience a secure, compliant, and efficient investment process, accessing a worldwide intermediary network and investment prospects. Embrace the power of our global network today.

Institutional infrastructure

The Fusang Network brings together financial institutions utilising our existing licensing & regulatory framework, providing the market participants with trading, clearing and settlement infrastructure to connect global liquidity in new and previously unimagined ways.

Fusang enables financial institutions to access digital securities and cryptocurrencies underpinned by blockchain infrastructure designed to be fully-compliant for borderless global investments.

Type 1 Network Members

Get access to Fusang chain & our institutional settlement network.


Access a borderless global network enabling securities to flow globally between regulated financial intermediaries

Get a cut of fees from transactions /settlements on the Fusang Chain.

Qualifying requirement

Financial institutions having already done KYC & CRS reporting on their clients.

Type 2 Trading Agents

Get access to trade on the Fusang Exchange as either Agent or Principal.


Access investments and secondary liquidity through a regulated and standardised legal framework to better meet investor demand.

Charge your own fees to your clients.

Qualifying requirement

Type 1 requirements + Licensed to act as Broker/Dealer or equivalent in home jurisdiction.

Type 3 Listing Sponsors

Get access to sponsor Issuances on the Fusang Chain & Listings on the Fusang Exchange


Charge your own fees to your clients and get a cut of fees from transactions/settlements on the Fusang Chain & Fusang Exchange.

Qualifying requirement

Type 1 requirements + Licensed to act as Listing Sponsor/Corporate Finance Advisory in home jurisdiction.

Our platform is designed to provide investors with a global network of regulated intermediaries, enabling access to the superhighway for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. With our platform, investors can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and efficient investment process, with access to a global network of intermediaries and investment opportunities. Join us today and start experiencing the power of our global network for yourself.

Custody and banking

We are fully licensed in Hong Kong to provide institutional-grade custody services for any financial assets (fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and securities).

Our digital custodian platform, Fusang Vault, provides with robust cybersecurity measures and constitutes an additional layer of security for Fusang Exchange against internal and external threats, while assuring regulatory compliance. Fusang Vault is fully integrated with the Fusang Exchange to provide a seamless user experience.

Blockchain and settlement

Building institutional blockchain infrastructure where financial institutions can meet all their regulatory obligations, allowing tokens to be seamlessly transferred between anyone.

Fusang Depository Receipt (FDR)

Investors can buy and sell tokenised depository receipts on our regulated exchange, just like they would with traditional stocks.

The benefits of tokenised depository receipts include increased liquidity, lower transaction costs, instant settlement, and greater access to foreign markets. They also offer a more efficient and secure way to invest in foreign companies, as they eliminate the need for investors to navigate complex foreign securities laws and regulations.