Fusang announces First Digital Security IPO Public Listing for a DeFi Platform

Level01, a DeFi trading platform, is working with FUSANG to issue and list their digital equity tokens in a public IPO. This will be the first DeFi project to be publicly listed and traded on a licensed stock exchange.

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Level01, a DeFi trading platform, is working with FUSANG to issue and list their digital equity tokens in a public IPO. This will be the first DeFi project to be publicly listed and traded on a licensed stock exchange.

In the last twelve months, FUSANG has generated a robust pipeline of companies looking to issue and/or list their digital securities. A key driver for these companies is to bring to market a transparent, regulated security that directly represents company shares. Unlike many digital asset tokens being offered in unregulated markets today, these tokens would adhere to the regulatory framework for securities that already exist today to protect investors. The most recent project FUSANG has signed on is Level01.

Level01 operates a DeFi Trading platform for conventional and digital assets that went live on the MainNet Blockchain at the end of 2020. The platform uniquely enables investors with its proprietary AI FairSense Technology to predict the fair value of derivative trades in both a bull and bear market. With the recent market volatility, including Crypto Assets, Level01 has consistently demonstrated traction.

“During May’s month of volatility, our 'Fair Sense' AI technology has worked very well to help our investors make returns during increased market volatility. We have seen active trading users grow to over 50,000 with strong open interest and trading volumes across Financial, Commodity & Digital Assets since going live a few months back on the MainNet Blockchain.”, said Jonathan Loi, CEO of Level01.

FUSANG is excited to work with Level01 not only because its technology has been successful in production, but it has shown strong revenue growth and profitability. With USD 16m booked in revenue, positive net earnings for the Financial Year ending March 2021, and Year-on-Year growth of 70% in the last three years, Level01 is well-positioned to bring to market its digital shares. Having a product like Level01 list on the Main Board of the FUSANG Exchange sets a precedence for the type of companies FUSANG is looking to bring to market.

“In the last six months, we've noticed a trend where companies who previously raised money through the promotion of utility tokens are now looking to issue a token that is a real digital security that allows a company's stakeholders to become real shareholders for the first time, and truly participate in the massive growth that is happening in the digital asset ecosystem,” said Henry Chong, CEO of FUSANG.

Level01's digital shares will be the first DeFi platform to be publicly listed and traded on a licensed stock exchange, with its share capital structure entirely digitised on the blockchain. By listing on the Main Board of the FUSANG Exchange, the listing will be available to a global investor base, including retail investors.

"It's exciting to see more companies in the digital asset industry follow existing legal & regulatory processes in going through a full-fledged IPO, including the submission of a public-offering prospectus. By doing so, companies can marry the investor protection benefits of issuing a digital security for real, with all the access advantages that blockchain-based assets bring,” said Henry Chong, CEO of FUSANG.

FUSANG Corp, established in 2015, has the VISION of enabling Stakeholder Capitalism by turning Stakeholders into Shareholders, allowing us to live in a world in which we are better aligned with the companies that serve us. FUSANG is committed to bringing this about through its MISSION of creating an end-to-end platform where all investors everywhere can access investments previously reserved for only the largest institutions – with low and transparent fees.

FUSANG Exchange Ltd, a subsidiary of FUSANG Corp, is licensed in Labuan, Malaysia as a Securities Exchange under Part IX, Section 134 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (LFSSA). FUSANG Exchange is the first fully-operational stock exchange in Asia that allows for companies to go public through a digital IPO accessible by both retail and sophisticated investors globally. FUSANG supports the trading of both digital securities and cryptocurrencies.

FUSANG Custody Limited, a subsidiary of FUSANG Corp, operates the FUSANG Vault, a secured digital asset custody platform, and FUSANG Digital Identity, an AI-powered KYC/AML solution. FUSANG Custody acts as Transfer Agent for Security Token Offerings, providing a full platform to manage & operate digital security issuances. FUSANG Custody Limited holds a license as a Trust or Corporate Services Provider (TCSP) in Hong Kong.

For more information, visit fusang.co
For media enquiries, please contact: media@fusang.co


Level01 is a leading 1st DeFi Platform with AI-guided Derivatives Trading services across Financial , Commodities and Digital Asset Markets. It is designed to make it easier for traders to connect and trade directly with each other, safely without default consequences. The platform powerful FairSense AI helps traders access estimated true market values of options and derivative contracts, to earn higher returns consistently. It has partnered with Bloomberg to provide real time pricing and market data to the users.

For media inquiries, contact:
Charles Wong
Level01 Technologies Limited
Email: charles@level01.io
Website: www.Level01.io

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