Dr. Oriol Caudevilla

What are Security Tokens?

In the latest podcast from Dr. Oriol Caudevilla, we get an insight on what are security tokens with his guest Henry Chong, the CEO of Fusang.

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00:24 Henry´s and Fusang´s journey.

05:03 What is a stock exchange for security tokens? How does it work?

11:07 Are security tokens the future of financial markets?

13:11 Fusang´s Equity-Token IPO: why and what is its current status? Why is regulation important?

20:25 Thinking long-term in a fast changing industry.

24:46 The importance of Community and Trust.

27:16 Are those security tokens issued on the Ethereum Blockchain? If so, what are the advantages of issuing them there?

30:26 Making sure there is a proper Blockchain use case.

32:17 Where does Henry see the future of Blockchain and the Crypto industry?

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